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Quick Tips!
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Navigation Keys

Each screen has a series of icons to help you navigate your virtual adventure. These icons are on every screen within the experience.

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Screen Resizing

Your virtual experience will auto-fit to your browsing window. If you want to zoom in on any section, use the following controls.

WIndows and Mac OS Control Plus and Minus to resize.
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Looking for more ways to learn with Cincinnati Museum Center? Check out our other virtual offerings!

These vibrant workshops can come directly to you in-person or online. With dozens of lessons to choose from, they are sure to be a hit.

Learning from Home

Download activity sheets, instructional videos and more resources so you never stop learning!

Conversations with an Expert

Connect with paleontologists, archaeologists, biologists, archivists and more!

Social Media

Follow our daily updates, how-to videos, fun facts and so much more!

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